American Diabetes Association In India

American Diabetes Association

American Diabetes Association

The American Diabetes Association the world trusted leading Organisation. That works for providing information related to Diabetics Type 1 and 2. This Organisation purely Nonprofit i.e they established the organization to make a shield against diabetics.

Under ADA billions of Volunteers participate in the campaign. As it is one of the most dreadful diseases across the globe. It was founded to check and control the level of Diabetics falling into its prey.

It lay main stress upon is to Cure and Prevent Diabetics and make them live their lives to the fullest.

 American Diabetes Association Reports:

  1. 29.1 million Children have diabetics in the USA.
  2. In 2011 there are 366 million people with diabetes. Furthur this data expected to rise to 552 million by 2030.

Check World Diabetes Report 2011 Pdf: Click Here


Type 1 diabetes defined by American Diabetes Association:

Type 1 diabetes characterized by deficient insulin production and requires an injection dose of insulin.

Symptoms include excessive excretion of urine, thirst (polydipsia), weight loss, vision changes, constant hunger, and fatigue.


Type 2 diabetes defined by American Diabetes Association:

Type 2 diabetes,  the subtype of diabetes, which is characterized by high levels of blood glucose in the bloodstreams. It arises from a resistance to and relative deficiency of the pancreatic β-cell hormone insulin. Mainly Type 2 diabetic Patience don’t rely upon external Insulin to sustain life.

Symptoms may be similar to those of type 1 diabetes. People are getting diagnosed with this disease after the complication already arisen.

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American Diabetes Association in India:



American Diabetes Association is one of the top Organisation that helps in regulating the people to take care of Diabetes. It Provides and helps people to take good care of them. We should be proud of ADA, that it is taking initiative on the global platform.





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