Animal Eater 2018 In Manipur! Latest News

Animal Eater 2018

Animal Eater 2018

Animal Eater 2018 has raised an alarm in North East India specially in the State of Manipur as some mysterious unknown object continued to hunt various livestokes in the state.

The Mysterious animal/ Alien have been attacking various animal and consume its organs and leave the carcass behind. The condition have been worsening day by day. 

All the people within the state are in Panicking state. People were even scared to come out of their houses after sun sets. Tension and Alarm have been raised by state government side as well. 

There have been news and event flooding in various social medias and news channel. Yet the real face of the animal or situation have not been seen clearly. As that object is mostly active during night time. Making people in extreme tension.

The first news came from Churachandpur District. Then the events of such mysterious thing happen to continue to the whole part of Manipur. It usually attack Chickens, Pigs, Sheeps and many other homely domesticated animals.

Manipur’s Forest and Environment Minister T Shyamkumar Said

"Apart from Churachandpur, there have been instances of
 killings from Imphal East, Kangpokpi,Thoubal, Kakching

Animal Eater 2018

At Lamka, three sheep tied inside the walled premises of V Hang Khanlian was mysteriously found dead with its left abdomen completely torn apart.

People need to take necessary precaution to protect themself from such mysterious Alien Animal.

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Many people believe it to be an Alien but the factual news about it has not been confirmed. So people are strictly warned not to spread rumours about it and be serious about the state epidemic.

Animal Eater 2018 is under strict surveillance from various state governing authorities. Soon the real face of the situation will be officially declare as confirmed by the State Government authorities.

More news and Updates about Animal Eater 2018   soon be given by Government of Manipur. And Various Department Such as Tourism Department of Manipur and Forest Department.

Source: thenortheasttoday

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