Basmati Rice Good For Diabetics?

Basmati Rice Good For Diabetics?

Basmati Rice is a type of Rice which is mainly found in the Indian Subcontinent. India is the leading exporter of Basmati Rice to different part of the world. Pakistan accounts in 2nd place. India exports 59% of its Production. Today we will learn about Basmati Rice, Nutrition, Good for Diabetics?

Basmati Rice Nutrition-Good For Diabetics?


Where is Basmati Rice grown in India?

Basmati Rice is mainly produced in the States of  Uttar Pradesh,

Punjab, Haryana, Bihar, Uttarakhand Etc.

According to the 2011 report India produced 5 million tonnes per year. Haryana is the leading producer of Basmati rice in India which produces around  60% of total Basmati Rice Production.


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Basmati Rice Nutrition:

  1. High in Carbohydrates

  2. Low in Protein

  3. Low in Sodium

Basmati Rice, Nutrition, Good for Diabetics?

Types of Basmati Rice:Basmati,

• P3 Punjab,

• type III Uttar Pradesh, hbc -19 Safidon,

• 386 Haryana, Kasturi (Baran, Rajasthan),

• Basmati 217,

• Basmati 370,

• Bihar,

• Kasturi,

• Mahi Suganda,

• Pusa 1121.

• Basmati 198,


Basmati Rice, Nutrition, Good for Diabetics?

The answer to the above question briefly given by most doctor that it helps to keep blood sugar stable. And is beneficial to the Diabetics patience. Wholegrain and White Basmati Rice contain carbs known as Resistant Starch which helps us to boost our Immune System.

Basmati Rice contains higher concentration amount of Vitamins B and Minerals as Copper and Magnesium


Other benefits of Basmati Rice:

  • It’s a great Constipation Aid and helps in digesting food easily.
  •  Has the Ability To Prevent Cancer Cell from Forming.
  • Helps in lowering the Blood Pressure
  • It always helps in keeping the brain function in alert state.P
  • It helps in providing a  Great Source Of Energy for maintaining our day to day activities.


After coming across various benefits of Basmati Rice we can conclude that Person suffering from Diabetics may consume Basmati Rice for healthy Life functioning.