helicopter parents meaning

Meaning of Helicopter Parenting.

Helicopter parents meaning:

Helicopter Parenting means keeping the children under strict control by the parents. Children are not given full freedom to live on their own. They are usually controlled by their parents in the form of guidance, but they overdo it and make their children feel soo isolated from the society and their peer groups.


Helicopter parents are seen everywhere in the 21st century. Parents drop their children into the school place. Again they pick them up and take them to the house. After that, they again take them to the tuitions or to the mentor place and make them study there.

helicopter parenting meaning

Students are not given much time to nourish and flourish of their own. Instead, they have to be under strict rules and regulations of the family. Which in turn suppress their Emotional Quotient although they might have good Intelligence Quotient.

Children who have been under the parenting of Helicopter Parents lag behind the normal students or children who have got good guidance from their parents but in a limited way. They tend to be smarter in public and are sociable in nature. Helicopter parents meaning is very elaborative.

Various Psychological Studies have already found that liberated children are far more advanced than the person who got maximum attention from their parents. Helicopter Parenting Children gets less success as compared to children who lived their lives in the proper and careful guidance of relaxed controlling type of parents.

helicopter parents meaning

helicopter parents meaning

helicopter parents meaning can be now concluded by saying that most of the Parents who over-controlled their wards mostly fall prey to various psychological or sociological traits. Therefore controlling children in a limited way may have far more reaching benefit in the long run.