Top 10 Best Books So Far.

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Top 10 Best Books of 2018

Recently, only I  got an email from one of my best Reader requesting to give a list of Best Books worth reading in 2018 and years to come. After analysing and having a proper discussion along with my colleagues and friends I have gathered a few lists of books that hit the top ranking of all time so far. These books are even running trending in 2018.

Without making much delay let me reveal the name of the books, Which are listed below:

  1. A Wrinkle in Time
  2. Ready Player One
  3. The Terror
  4. My Cousin Rachel
  5. The Story of Ferdinand
  6. The Looming Tower
  7. Annihilation
  8. Murder on the Orient Express
  9. The Bible
  10. A Series of Unfortunate Events



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