What is Value Education? Its Needs And Importance.

Value Education
Value Education

The aim of education is the knowledge not of facts but of values.
Proudly said by:William Ralph Inge
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What is Value Education?

When someone better or someone who has mastery over a subject in a particular field tries to show the path of a good way is simply known as Value Education. Value Education term may be used in many ways. But it is mainly concern with the Educational Academic field where Teachers/ Gurus tries harder to transmit value or Ethics to its students.

Our constitutions has broadly explained Socialist, Secular, Democratic, Justice, Liberty Equality, Fraternity among all the individual.Value Education plays a very vital role in India since time immemorial. It can be traced in Indian Philosophy from the past centuries.

Indian Culture and Tradition even in the 21st century are well known all over the world for its Value and transmission of its identity. Value has been given an integral part of education but the main idea of Value education emerged after the Rectification of the University Education Commission 1948-49 to include some moral education or value education to develop a sense of Loyalty, Discipline, Courage, a Self-dependent and Moral attribute in one’s personality.

But the idea of Value Education has emerged only after the clearance given by The Secondary Education Commission 1952-53 to put up more importance in the value formation and building of good character among all the students. The main focus paid area was Integrity, Cooperation, Discipline, Good Moral values etc.

Importance of Value Education:

  • It helps in the advancement of Science and Technology.
  • It will try to awaken the lost importance of Value by providing better Education during Schooling hours.
  • Value Education brings curiosity among the pupils to learn more about the surrounding around them.
  • Value education helps students to identify oneself and help in respecting the society people.
  • Value Education learned in the school and Colleges are being utilized by the pupils consciously or unconsciously in their day to day activities.
  • Value Education makes pupils broad-minded.
  • Pupils will be a trend to give more interest in religious activities and be a God-fearing citizen.
  • They will start to respect the culture and tradition of the society.


Are you not interested to know how Can Value Education Change the Environment?

  1. Social Values
  2. Human Values
  3. Culture Values
  4. Religious Values
  5. Ethical Values
  6. Moral Values.


Social Values

Every society wants its citizen to respect the culture and tradition of that particular society. This is to be taught only by giving better Value education to the pupils at their primary level so that they may become the upcoming bright pillar of the latter world. The society member should cooperate with one another at the time of utmost need and progress in the same rhythm with the society members.

Human Values

Present day world people mostly go for worldly pleasure and forget the consequences without being inculcated with the proper values. The Textbook learnt material is only for time being. Students should be more emphasized with the ethics and traditions. That would go in the long run as compared to the time being a pleasure.

Cultural Values

Being a citizen of a Particular country. He/she should first of all try to respect the cultural identity of the self-country. Secondly should try to respect the culture of One’s state. And then come to the culture of society as a whole. Culture uprises from downward to upward or Upward to Downward is the same thing. People should never forget the culture wherever they go or resides.

Religious Values

Religion should be given top priority to inculcate to know the real value in human being. Without proper knowledge about the religion or religious aspect. People find it harder to follow good Values in reality.


Ethical Values

Without Ethics in anything, the means of proper value learning is useless. Ethics in work or any place is utmost important. A person without ethics and values will never progress in life. Will find difficult to do any task and get struck in almost all the thing he/she does in life.

Moral Values

A person with the proper moral values trend to reach a great destination in one’s life. Moral values play a very good role in developing values in human beings. So Moral and Spiritual values are a good combination and show the very definite result when they both combine.



When a person has obtained good moral values he/she shows these few things such as Respect, Adjust and Compromise, Helping mentality, Respecting Religion, Fight for Justice, Be Honest, Never Hurt Anyone, Never steal, Love for Education and much more. When you see such traits in your child or any person related to you then they are on the right track. Therefore, Value Education should be compulsorily be taught to every individual to bring the world at peace.

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